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Nile News

The Nile News is a quarterly newsletter published by the Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat every March, June, September and December. The newsletter presents information and news about key activities carried out by the Secretariat during the last three months. The goal is to keep NBI partners well informed, actively engaged and committed to the Nile cooperation. The newsletter is available for free and can be downloaded from our website.

sept 2016 issueThis issue provides highlights on the 24th annual Nile Council of Ministers meeting held in July 2016 in terms of key decisions taken by the Nile Basin Ministers in charge of Water Affairs, the media training conducted for Eastern Nile journalists, it also introduces the new wetlands project supported by Germany as well as the eLearning platform. The newsletter also announces a number of key knowledge and communication products launched/rolled out during the quarter, including the Nile Basin Water Resources, booklet on the benefits of Nile Cooperation to Member States  Atlas. Also meet the new Executive Director of the NBI Secretariat, Eng. Innocent Ntabana, and many more articles.


In this issue, you will find details of how the Regional Nile Day event 2016 played out in Vihiga County in Kenya, the latest from our Water Resources Management Department, the National Stakeholders’ Engagement in Kenya and a breakfast meeting with top editors in Nairobi, among other interesting and informative news items.