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One River One People One Vision

The Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat (Nile-SEC) is the executive arm of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) based in Entebbe, Uganda. Established in November 2002 by the Nile Council of Ministers (Nile-COM), Nile-SEC is a strong institution, with highly competent staff able to deliver critical services and products for sustainable development in the Basin.... Read more

Our Vision: A Centre of Excellence for Supporting Nile Cooperation.

What we do

Basin Cooperation Program

Nile-SEC actively provides the first and only all- inclusive regional platform that brings together Nile Basin States for open discussion and understanding of the interests, positions and expectations of the Basin States in what concerns the management and utilization of the shared Nile Basin water and related resources ...


Water Resources Management Program

Under this program, Nile-SEC strengthens Member States’ institutional and technical capacities and provides shared knowledge bases to support decision making and action at local levels. This includes generating basin wide science based information and making available to Member States, analytic tools, the necessary policy...


Our Projects

The Secretariat implements its program work through projects that are aligned to its Strategic Plan. The projects are intended to contribute to delivering the expected institutional results of NBI.